What is One Shops Local?

One Shops Local is an initiative to support local independent trader’s, shops and businesses in these difficult economic times. It aims to let local people know what shops and services are available locally, and for local business to be able to offer local people discounts and incentives to spend their hard earned cash in Epping Forest.

Who owns One Shops Local?

The website has been built with funding from Epping Forest District Council and has been designed under the direction of the Essex Federation of Small Businesses and Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce. It will be managed and operated by the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of One Epping Forest and the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP). For more information on the LSP go to www.oneeppingforest.org.uk. For more information on the Chamber of Commerce contact jprice@epcotimages.com

How will the site be marketed?

Posters for participating businesses for display will be produced. Articles will be carried in the Chamber and Federation newsletters and Epping Forest District Council magazine the Forester. One Shops Local Cards will be produced to be handed out to by participating businesses and at council offices etc to customers carrying the web address and can also be used to access discounts. However the success of the scheme will be determined by the number of businesses that take part and the quality of the discounts incentives on offer. It will be up to not just the Chamber of Commerce or the Federation of Small Businesses to market the site but all those participating in it. Regular press releases will also be produced and a range of other initiatives are planned to keep awareness of the scheme high.

There is the opportunity to put lots of information on my listing, what if I need some help to do this, or report a fault?

The site has been designed to give the maximum discretion to businesses to put on anything they think can improve the footfall to their business, including special offers, website addresses, newsletter sign-up, social media feeds etc. if you have any problems with the site please contact the Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce on admin@oneshopslocal.com.

Is there a chance to get together with other businesses that are part of the scheme to learn about what they have done and what works?

Yes, we want to set up a One Shops Local users groups to do this, if you have any ideas about how we could improve the site or the scheme we are always anxious to hear. If you would to help set such a group up or take part please contact the Chamber using the details above.

About One Shops Local

One Shops Local is a directory of local shops and businesses designed to encourage shoppers to Shop Local and in turn support their local economy.

All admin enquiries to: admin@oneshopslocal.com

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